Saturday Lunch


For lunch on Saturday, June 2nd, we have invited a handful of classmates to host roundtable discussions where these classmates will share some of their experiences and insights from their recent work.  These will be informal, Q&A type discussions, and reunion attendees may choose to join one of these tables if they wish.  We will also be organizing tables based on geography for classmates who would like to get to know more peers from specific regions.

After grabbing lunch, classmate discussions will begin and will last for about 30 minutes of the 1.5 hours we have for lunch on Saturday.  Feel free to move among the tables to see as many friends as possible during lunch!

Classmate Speakers

  • Startups & Tech
    • Victor Cheng, CTO, Thunder (formerly PaperG)
      • Topic:  Startups
    • Sean Mehra, Chief Marketing / Product Officer, HealthTap
      • Topic:  Startups
    • Rufus Peabody, Professional sports bettor, former ESPN predictive analytics expert
      • For all the moneyball fans out there!

  • Arts & Writing
    • David Litt, Fmr. Obama Speechwriter and Best Selling Author of Thanks, Obama: My Hopey Changey White House Years
      • Topic:  Writing speeches - and jokes - for a president
    • Michael Nedelman, Producer, CNN — Health and Medical
      • Topic:  Journalism
    • Sam Post, Composer / Pianist
      • Topic:  Writing, performing, teaching music
    • Jessica Poter, Writer, Modern Family
      • Topic:  Writing for TV

  • Non-Profits & Government
    • Jess Bialecki, Director of Policy, Division of Early Childhood Education, NYC Department of Education
      • Topic:  Early childhood education policy
    • Ayaska Fernando, Yale Admissions Office, Director of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Recruitment
      • Topic:  Admitting the next generation of Yalies
    • Stafford Palmieri, Fmr. Commissioner of Administration, State of Louisiana and Deputy Chief of Staff to Gov. Bobby Jindal
      • Topic:  State government management and policy
      • Zelda Roland, Director, Yale Prison Education Initiative at Dwight Hall at Yale
        • Topic:  Prison Education and Criminal Justice Reform



    • Boston (2 tables)

    • California - Northern (3 tables)

    • California - Southern (2 tables)

    • Chicago

    • Connecticut

    • New York City (7 tables)

    • Philadelphia

    • Seattle

    • Southeastern US

    • Texas

    • Washington, DC (3 tables)