Yale College Class of 2008

Reunion RSVP

Thank You for Celebrating '08's 15 Year Milestone!​

Thank you all for celebrating our 15th milestone! We were thrilled to welcome over 435 classmates and guests to campus – more than double the number of classmates of last year’s 15th! Whether you were able to make it to our reunion tent in Branford, joined our class for one of our regional events earlier in the year, or celebrated this milestone from afar, we’re grateful to have had you with us at the very least in spirit for our reunion weekend!

Who Joined our 15th Reunion?

Here’s a snapshot of who joined us at our Branford reunion tent during our 15th reunion weekend!

Classmate Attendance Plans by College
Overall Classmate Attendance Plans
Name Residential College Attending?
Mark AlbisPiersonYes - Registered
Crystal AldapeBranfordYes - Registered
Sophie Alohilani-von HaselbergSaybrookYes
Brett AndrewsSillimanMaybe
Marc AppelEzra StilesYes - Registered
Laura AronssonSaybrookYes - Registered
Neil AroraMorseYes - Registered
Andrew AshCalhoun / Grace HopperYes - Registered
Kathryn AuSaybrookYes - Registered
Hillary BaileyJonathan EdwardsYes - Registered
Sarah BarenbaumCalhoun / Grace HopperYes - Registered
Yotam BarkaiBranfordYes - Registered
Olga BerlinskyBerkeleyYes
Kristine BerzinsJonathan EdwardsYes
Jennica BestCalhoun / Grace HopperMaybe
Christopher BettwyPiersonMaybe
Mark BeyersdorfMorseYes - Registered
Abheek BhattacharyaMorseYes - Registered
Jessica BialeckiSillimanYes - Registered
Michael BirnbaumBranfordYes
Matthew BlackshawDavenportYes - Registered
Sean BlandSaybrookYes - Registered
Jennifer Sarah BoltonCalhoun / Grace HopperYes - Registered
Cara BonewitzEzra StilesYes - Registered
Elise BrauEzra StilesYes - Registered
Nicole BrennerPiersonYes - Registered
Zachary BrownTimothy DwightYes - Registered
Miya CainEzra StilesYes - Registered
Jameelah CalhounBranfordYes - Registered
Geoffrey CalkinsPiersonYes - Registered
Meredith CallahanDavenportYes - Registered
Katrina CallsenSillimanYes - Registered
Gilman CallsenSillimanYes - Registered
Vanessa CameronSillimanYes - Registered
Kristen CampbellSillimanYes - Registered
James CarterTrumbullYes
Danielle CarterEzra StilesYes - Registered
Richard CassBerkeleyYes - Registered
Alexandra CavoulacosSillimanYes - Registered
Erin CawleyDavenportMaybe
Rebecca ChangSaybrookYes
Bei Bei ChenDavenportYes - Registered
Lina ChenTrumbullYes - Registered
Neil ChhedaTimothy DwightYes - Registered
Stephen ChienSillimanYes - Registered
Shenghao ChiuehSillimanYes - Registered
Kevin ChowPiersonMaybe
Samuel ChuaDavenportYes - Registered
Nicole ChulickDavenportYes - Registered
Joseph CitarrellaTimothy DwightYes
Phillip CloptonMorseYes - Registered
Scott CohenEzra StilesYes - Registered
Teresa ConchaBerkeleyYes
Benjamin CookeDavenportYes - Registered
Jonathan DachJonathan EdwardsYes
Caroline DampierCalhoun / Grace HopperMaybe
Louis DanielsTimothy DwightYes
kevin davisDavenportMaybe
Bassel De GraffSillimanYes - Registered
Paul DeanPiersonYes
David DeCarloSaybrookYes - Registered
Matthew DellMorseYes
Katharine DempseyPiersonYes - Registered
Andriana DiezCalhoun / Grace HopperYes - Registered
Moira DillonPiersonMaybe
Kathryn DowlingCalhoun / Grace HopperMaybe
Refik DulaTrumbullYes - Registered
Edward DunarBranfordYes - Registered
Lauren DunnSaybrookYes - Registered
Morgan DwyerSaybrookYes - Registered
Brian EdwardsCalhoun / Grace HopperYes - Registered
Joshua EganPiersonYes
Simone EllisMorseYes - Registered
Shannon ErricoSillimanYes - Registered
John ErricoSillimanYes - Registered
Sterling Evans ThomasPiersonYes - Registered
Greta FailsPiersonYes - Registered
Xieyue FanJonathan EdwardsMaybe
Jonathan FerrugiaTimothy DwightYes - Registered
Sarah FieberDavenportYes
William FishelCalhoun / Grace HopperYes - Registered
Maura FitzgeraldPiersonYes - Registered
Matthew FlaggeTimothy DwightYes - Registered
Eric FlatoSaybrookYes
Martine ForneretBranfordYes - Registered
Ashley FoxTrumbullMaybe
Melissa FrayerEzra StilesMaybe
Erin FreyBranfordYes - Registered
Daniel FriedmanTrumbullYes - Registered
Michael FriedmanBranfordYes - Registered
Valery FrissoraPiersonYes - Registered
Bradford GalietteJonathan EdwardsYes - Registered
Adriana GarciaDavenportMaybe
Laura GehringPiersonYes
Erik GeigerTrumbullYes - Registered
Madeleine GelblumCalhoun / Grace HopperYes - Registered
Jason GeorgeBranfordYes
Rachel GeronemusCalhoun / Grace HopperYes
Zahreen GhaznaviJonathan EdwardsYes - Registered
Danielle GilbertMorseYes - Registered
Steven GilmanJonathan EdwardsYes
Rory GilmoreBranfordYes - Registered
Gjorgji GjeorgjievskiEzra StilesYes - Registered
Flora GoTimothy DwightYes - Registered
Serena Gosden-HoodJonathan EdwardsYes - Registered
Caprice GrayBerkeleyYes - Registered
Veronique GreenwoodMorseYes
Shruti GuptaDavenportYes - Registered
Lark GussEzra StilesYes - Registered
Tyler GuthJonathan EdwardsYes - Registered
Esther HahnCalhoun / Grace HopperYes - Registered
Jared HamiltonCalhoun / Grace HopperYes
Alexander HardingBranfordYes - Registered
Norrisa HaynesTimothy DwightYes
Erin HaysCalhoun / Grace HopperYes - Registered
Sarah HechtEzra StilesMaybe
Anna HegrenessMorseYes - Registered
Joseph HernandezDavenportYes - Registered
Elisabeth HillCalhoun / Grace HopperYes - Registered
Jennifer HolmesTrumbullYes - Registered
Noah HoodSaybrookYes - Registered
Thomas HowellTrumbullYes - Registered
Morgan HumeDavenportYes - Registered
Bryan HunterBerkeleyYes - Registered
Charlotte IckesTrumbullYes - Registered
Sarah IgoeBranfordMaybe
Emily Jack-ScottSillimanYes - Registered
Sean JackowitzTrumbullMaybe
Andrea JacobsBranfordYes - Registered
Andrei Nicole JavierTrumbullYes - Registered
Haitham JendoubiTimothy DwightYes - Registered
Tina JeonBerkeleyYes - Registered
Katelyn JohnsonTimothy DwightYes - Registered
Jacqueline JoveJonathan EdwardsMaybe
Eric KafkaTimothy DwightYes
David KappaMorseMaybe
Jason KarlTimothy DwightYes - Registered
Andrew KarlinTimothy DwightYes - Registered
David KastenJonathan EdwardsYes - Registered
Daniel KatzJonathan EdwardsYes - Registered
Charles KatzMorseYes - Registered
Lisbeth KaufmanSillimanYes - Registered
David KempBerkeleyYes - Registered
Berry KennedyBerkeleyYes - Registered
Ahmed KhattakDavenportYes
Jessica KimballSillimanYes - Registered
Clairelise KipSaybrookYes - Registered
Peter KjeldgaardBerkeleyYes - Registered
Alex KleinerPiersonYes - Registered
Jonathan KoenigTrumbullYes - Registered
Emily KohJonathan EdwardsYes - Registered
Marisa KololyanCalhoun / Grace HopperYes - Registered
Karl KongTimothy DwightYes - Registered
Jonathan KratzBranfordYes - Registered
Andrew KrauseSillimanYes - Registered
Joshua KrugMorseYes - Registered
Emily KrugerMorseMaybe
Regina KrumholzTimothy DwightYes - Registered
Matthew KylePiersonYes - Registered
James LanhamDavenportYes - Registered
Joseph LareseJonathan EdwardsYes - Registered
Suzanna LeeEzra StilesYes
Andrew LevineBranfordYes - Registered
Mimi LevineSillimanYes - Registered
Jane Levy VancePiersonYes - Registered
Daniel LewisDavenportYes - Registered
Jeffrey LichtensteinPiersonYes - Registered
Katherine LinzerPiersonYes - Registered
Matthew LipkaJonathan EdwardsYes - Registered
David LittMorseYes
Rachel LittBerkeleyYes - Registered
Andrew LiyanaEzra StilesYes - Registered
Laura LombardiTimothy DwightYes - Registered
George LondonSillimanMaybe
Emily LuccoSaybrookYes - Registered
Yaron Luk-ZilbermanTimothy DwightYes - Registered
David LyonsDavenportYes - Registered
Matthew MaglioccoSillimanYes - Registered
Amit MahadeviaSaybrookYes - Registered
Noah MamisBranfordYes - Registered
Stephanie MarcianoDavenportYes - Registered
Sarah MarrisonCalhoun / Grace HopperYes - Registered
Kyle MathewsBranfordYes
Sara McCollumMorseYes - Registered
Jenika McDavittSaybrookYes - Registered
Lynn McGregorTrumbullYes - Registered
James McSpaddenSaybrookYes - Registered
Sean MehraMorseYes - Registered
Jason MencherDavenportYes
Aaron MengMorseYes - Registered
Laura MerrimanMorseYes - Registered
Lulu MeserveySillimanYes - Registered
Adam MetzgerBranfordMaybe
Steven MillerDavenportYes - Registered
Helen MillsonDavenportYes - Registered
Sandisiwe MnkandlaSaybrookMaybe
Keith MoranciePiersonYes - Registered
Justine MurphyBranfordYes - Registered
Michael MurrayPiersonYes - Registered
Raul NavarroBerkeleyYes - Registered
Michael NedelmanTrumbullYes - Registered
Travis NelsonTimothy DwightYes - Registered
Frank NewmanMorseYes - Registered
Peter NicewiczSillimanYes - Registered
Aaron NissenTimothy DwightYes - Registered
Nicholas O'NeillPiersonYes - Registered
Cynthia OkechukwuPiersonYes - Registered
Jen OrtizPiersonYes - Registered
Cecilia OyediranMorseYes - Registered
Stafford PalmieriSillimanYes - Registered
Joseph PappalardoTrumbullYes - Registered
Stephanie ParkMorseYes - Registered
Rufus PeabodySaybrookYes - Registered
Edgar PerezSaybrookYes - Registered
Rachel PerryCalhoun / Grace HopperYes - Registered
Jason PetersonSillimanYes
Elise PfeifferJonathan EdwardsMaybe
Michelle PievskySillimanYes - Registered
Emily Polanco-BarahonaMorseYes - Registered
Ashley PolmateerCalhoun / Grace HopperYes
Sean PoolBerkeleyYes - Registered
David Pratt-RobsonTrumbullYes - Registered
Norie Pride-WomackJonathan EdwardsYes - Registered
Jennifer PrzybyloTrumbullYes
Daniel RamamoorthyCalhoun / Grace HopperYes - Registered
Priya RamanDavenportMaybe
Paull RandtDavenportYes - Registered
Miranda RanieriBerkeleyMaybe
David RawsonSillimanYes - Registered
Agnieszka RecBranfordYes - Registered
Jamie RedmanTimothy DwightYes - Registered
Jeffrey ReitmanSaybrookYes - Registered
David ResnickPiersonYes - Registered
Elizabeth ResorSaybrookYes - Registered
Helen ResorSaybrookYes - Registered
Jonathan RhinesmithMorseYes - Registered
John RicottaJonathan EdwardsYes - Registered
Whitney RidingsBerkeleyYes - Registered
Saad RizviPiersonYes - Registered
Brandon RosenblattMorseYes
Lily RothmanDavenportYes - Registered
Alexander RothmeierSillimanYes - Registered
Anirudh Rudrapatna RajendraprasadBerkeleyYes - Registered
Robert SanchezSaybrookYes - Registered
Shakira Sanchez-CollinsMorseYes - Registered
Moshe SarfatyMorseYes - Registered
Kelsy SargentPiersonYes - Registered
Alexander SassaroliDavenportYes - Registered
Christopher SchmickerBranfordYes - Registered
Jameson SchriberSaybrookYes
Caroline SchulmeisterBranfordYes - Registered
James SchulmeisterCalhoun / Grace HopperYes - Registered
Rebecca SchwartzBranfordYes - Registered
Douglas ScottSaybrookYes - Registered
Daniel SernaTimothy DwightYes - Registered
David ShapiroCalhoun / Grace HopperYes - Registered
David ShiehDavenportYes - Registered
Tarana ShivdasaniTrumbullYes - Registered
Aliza ShvartsDavenportMaybe
Jacob SiegelPiersonYes - Registered
Ashali SinghamBerkeleyMaybe
Andrew SmithJonathan EdwardsYes - Registered
Cain SoltoffSillimanYes - Registered
Colin StalneckerBranfordYes - Registered
Andrew SteinbergPiersonYes - Registered
Clarence StephenSillimanYes - Registered
Dylan SternSaybrookYes - Registered
Mary StoddardMorseYes - Registered
Arun StorrsTrumbullYes - Registered
Samuel StrasserBerkeleyYes
Soren SudhofBerkeleyMaybe
Alexandra SuichBerkeleyYes - Registered
Laura SullivanPiersonYes - Registered
Margaret SullivanMorseYes - Registered
Jeffrey SunSillimanYes - Registered
Phyllis Kit Yee SunEzra StilesMaybe
Derrick SutterJonathan EdwardsYes - Registered
Rebecca TaberDavenportMaybe
Colin Taft-McPheeDavenportMaybe
Mari-e TakahashiSillimanYes - Registered
Victoria TateTimothy DwightMaybe
Elise TaylorTimothy DwightYes - Registered
Halley TaylorPiersonYes - Registered
Su Ching TehBranfordYes - Registered
David ThomasBerkeleyYes - Registered
Glenn ThropeJonathan EdwardsYes - Registered
Katherine ToftnessJonathan EdwardsYes
Maria TownesBerkeleyYes - Registered
Daniel Turner-EvansCalhoun / Grace HopperMaybe
Zaria UdehEzra StilesYes - Registered
Lorraine Van KirkTrumbullYes - Registered
Ravi VargheseSillimanYes - Registered
Anjali VarmaSaybrookYes - Registered
Etienne VazquezBerkeleyMaybe
Roberto VelezDavenportMaybe
Avanti VermaBerkeleyYes - Registered
Ryan VillanuevaJonathan EdwardsYes - Registered
Milica VujovicPiersonMaybe
Sean WalbridgeTimothy DwightYes - Registered
Alex WalkerCalhoun / Grace HopperYes - Registered
David WangSaybrookYes - Registered
Alice WangTimothy DwightMaybe
Patrick WardBranfordYes
Meghan WeeksDavenportYes - Registered
Katherine WellingtonBranfordYes - Registered
Holly WesselhoftJonathan EdwardsYes - Registered
Steve WhittakerJonathan EdwardsMaybe
Katherine WiacekEzra StilesYes - Registered
Christopher WietlispachTimothy DwightMaybe
Christopher WilliamsBerkeleyMaybe
Kaja WilmanskaEzra StilesYes - Registered
Kalindi WinfieldMorseYes - Registered
Emily WinnallJonathan EdwardsYes - Registered
Larry WiseMorseYes - Registered
Austin WoernerSaybrookYes
Janice WongJonathan EdwardsYes - Registered
Brendan WooTrumbullYes - Registered
Misty WrightMorseYes - Registered
Stephanie WrightMorseYes - Registered
Jing XiaDavenportYes - Registered
Daniel YaoTrumbullYes - Registered
Katherine YaoBerkeleyYes - Registered
Sarah YinDavenportYes - Registered
Michael YuEzra StilesYes - Registered
Carol YuTrumbullYes - Registered
Michael ZangMorseYes - Registered
Yuting ZengCalhoun / Grace HopperYes - Registered
Alina ZhitskayaEzra StilesYes - Registered
Carly ZienPiersonYes - Registered
Sarah ZoubekDavenportYes - Registered
Anonymous BerkeleyiteBerkeleyYes
Anonymous BerkeleyiteBerkeleyMaybe
Anonymous BranfordianBranfordYes
Anonymous BranfordianBranfordMaybe
Anonymous BranfordianBranfordMaybe
Anonymous D'port'erDavenportMaybe
Anonymous D'port'erDavenportMaybe
Anonymous D'port'erDavenportMaybe
Anonymous HopperCalhoun / Grace HopperMaybe
Anonymous JE'erJonathan EdwardsYes
Anonymous JE'erJonathan EdwardsMaybe
Anonymous JE'erJonathan EdwardsMaybe
Anonymous MorselMorseMaybe
Anonymous MorselMorseMaybe
Anonymous MorselMorseMaybe
Anonymous MorselMorseMaybe
Anonymous MorselMorseMaybe
Anonymous MorselMorseMaybe
Anonymous MorselMorseYes
Anonymous MorselMorseMaybe
Anonymous PiersonitePiersonMaybe
Anonymous PiersonitePiersonYes
Anonymous PiersonitePiersonMaybe
Anonymous SaybrugianSaybrookMaybe
Anonymous SaybrugianSaybrookMaybe
Anonymous SaybrugianSaybrookYes
Anonymous SillimanderSillimanMaybe
Anonymous SillimanderSillimanMaybe
Anonymous StilesianEzra StilesMaybe
Anonymous StilesianEzra StilesMaybe
Anonymous TD'erTimothy DwightYes
Anonymous TD'erTimothy DwightYes
Anonymous TrumbullianTrumbullMaybe